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Active Ingredients:

All medicines have some unwanted side effects. Sometimes they are serious but most of the time they are not. Your doctor has weighed the risks of using this medicine against the benefits they expect it will have for you. Do not be alarmed by this list of possible side effects, you may not experience any of them. These effects are more common during the first months after the start of Visanne and usually disappear with continued use.

See also the sections, "Visanne and thrombosis" and "Visanne and cancer".

Below is a list of possible side effects with how common they are:

Common (affecting between 1 and 10 in every 100 users)

  • weight gain
  • depressed mood, problems sleeping, nervousness, loss of interest in sex, or changed mood
  • headache or migraine
  • Nausea, abdominal pain, wind, swollen tummy or vomiting
  • acne or hair loss
  • back pain
  • breast discomfort, Ovarian cyst or hot flushes
  • uterine/vaginal bleeding including spotting
  • weakness (asthenic conditions) or irritability

Uncommon (affecting between 1 and 10 in every 1000 users)

  • anaemia
  • weight loss or increased appetite
  • anxiety, depression or mood swings
  • imbalance in the autonomic nervous system (controls unconscious bodily functions, e.g. perspiration) or disturbed attention
  • dry eye
  • tinnitus
  • unspecific circulatory problems or palpitations
  • low blood pressure
  • shortness of breath
  • diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal discomfort, inflammation of the stomach and intestines (gastrointestinal inflammation), inflammation of the gums (gingivitis)
  • dry skin, excessive sweating, itching of the whole body, male pattern hair growth (hirsutism), brittle nails, dandruff, dermatitis, abnormal hair growth, hypersensitive response to light or problems with skin pigmentation
  • pains in your bones, muscle spasms, pains and/or sensation of heaviness in your arms and hands or legs and feet,
  • urinary tract infection
  • vaginal thrush, dryness of the genital area, vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, atrophic inflammation of the genitals with discharge (atrophic vulvovaginitis), or a lump or lumps in the breast (breast mass, fibrocystic breast disease, breast induration)
  • swelling due to fluid retention.

Stop taking tablets and see your doctor immediately if you notice possible signs of thrombosis:

  • an unusual cough
  • severe pain in the chest which may reach the left arm
  • breathlessness
  • any unusual, severe, or prolonged headache or Migraine attack
  • partial or complete loss of vision, or double vision
  • slurring or speech disability
  • sudden changes to your hearing, sense of smell, or taste
  • dizziness or fainting
  • weakness or numbness in any part of your body
  • severe pain in your abdomen
  • severe pain or swelling in either of your legs.

This is not a complete list of all possible side effects. Inform your doctor of any side effect you may experience.

Studies have indicated no risk of acute adverse effects in case of overdose. There is no specific antidote.

In case of overdose it is advisable to contact the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 in Australia for recommendations on the treatment and management of overdosage.

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